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          ZDNY & CO. has been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. Its founder, Zack Dulgerian, was born in Istanbul, Turkey where he started to apprentice as a jeweler at age 15.  Zack’s passion for designing beautiful jewelry and dedication to his customers has transformed the small business he began in the U.S. into a worldwide jewelry manufacturer.  His main goal is to produce a well designed, quality, fashion-forward work of art.  Zack pays attention to every detail, creating a timeless piece of jewelry.  Today, ZDNY sells to retail stores in the United States and throughout the world.



The ZDNY COLLECTION features two distinct lines of jewelry:



          Our 14Kt, 18Kt and Platinum collection features an extensive variety of the latest styles in fashion jewelry.  Using only the best quality gemstones & diamonds, this diverse line of jewelry caters to the needs of different age groups, personalities, and budgets.



          Our 24 Kt collection fetaures completely handcrafted pieces adorned with vibrant color stones and/or diamonds. 24 KT jewelry is inmistakable for the intense yellow color the 24 Kt pure gold radiates and every piece of jewelry in Zack's collection has a unique, warm and exotic look. The founder and designer Zack’s rich middle eastern background is reflected in each piece he crafts.

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